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About The Video Jungle Podcast

The Video Jungle podcast is where the creative world of video production meets marketing and sales. Join Animus Studios Co-Founder Arty Goldstein and VP of Business Development John Antonacci as they speak with filmmakers, CEOs, and marketing gurus about what it takes to market and sell your brand with video. They also discuss best practices for video and film production.

If you have a passion for filmmaking, you’re looking to make a splash running your own production company, or you’d like help facilitating your own fascinating story,it’s time to Plan, Create, and Share with the Video Jungle Podcast. Each episode typically lasts about 30 minutes.



Facilitator of Ideas | Director | Producer


As a creative his whole life, Arty has always pursued the art of storytelling through television and film. After spending ten years reporting on the New England sports scene Arty decided to build his dream company. With the help of like-minded filmmakers and artists who love telling great stories while having the creative freedom to pursue passion projects…Animus Studios was born. It continues to thrive and grow as a premiere video marketing production agency. With years of experience and a desire to learn from others, Arty is never short on ideas or lively conversation and he continues on his quest for great stories.

VP of Business Development at Animus Studios

John Antonacci

John is a natural born storyteller and can pretty much find the humor in any situation. Before bringing his years of sales and marketing expertise to Animus Studios, John worked in the precious metals industry, becoming the CMO of one of the industry’s leading precious metals refiners. Animus Studios had been helping John with sales videos and he loved the plan, create and share process so much, he decided to do it full time for Animus. If you haven’t been entertained by the former high school theater enthusiast’s sales videos yet, he’ll be sure to send you one. Until then he’s happy to offer his color commentary here on the video jungle.

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