What is TSE Studios?

TSE Studios is leading the way in digital audio-on-demand, partnering with some of today’s exciting hosts to produce their podcasts. 

Our shows include The Sales Evangelist, IntHERrupt, and SOLD.


Why Podcasts?

Podcast advertising is the most effective way for brands to reach consumers. Here are some facts that prove podcast advertising is right for any brand:

Approximately 46 million people listen to podcasts.

SPN episodes are listened to soon after they are downloaded, meaning podcast advertiser messaging is relevant and timely for podcast listeners:

  • 61+ % Progressively Stream Episodes
  • 74+ % Within 48 Hours of Release
  • 95+ % Prior to Next Release (97% within 1 week)

Sponsor’s Messaging is Heard:

  • 75% of TSE Studio’s consumers listen to the entire podcast episode they download.
  • The average studio’s listener consumes 73% of all audio podcasts they downloaded or stream.

Podcast listeners are consistent:

  • On average, podcast consumers listen to 6 podcasts each week and listen to an average total of 9.5 hours weekly.
  • 62% primarily listen on a mobile device.

Studios’ listeners are in prime demographic categories:

  • Adults 25-44 make up 61% of listeners.
  • 35% of listeners make more than $75k annually, above the U.S. average.
  • 62% have finished at least 4 years of college (higher educated)

Why should I begin podcast advertising with the TSE Studios?

Podcasting is an active engagement. The listener has already performed a positive action just by listening, and are very likely to react to what these hosts they’ve built trust in, tell them to. Network podcasts have a maximum number of advertisements in any given hour, which limits commercial clutter.

The network offers recorded and live host endorsements for our highly targeted audience and can integrate their brand into the content of the show. Segment topics can even revolve around brands. Complementing visual integration is also available in a sponsorship splash, ad banner, or forced video ad.

Listeners can access content from a desktop, tablet, and mobile website, plus podcast directory apps (available for both Apple and Android products). And no matter where listeners access the content, from our website, social media, a host’s website, and even Apple Podcasts, your brand message is delivered.