SIC 000. The Beginning of Selling in Color

Donald Kelly, People of Color, Sales

There’s a new podcast coming fresh from The Sales Evangelist Studios called Selling in Color, all about people of color and sales.

Selling in Color is a podcast for…

  • people of color who are looking for a platform to share their knowledge to new sales from the underrepresented groups. 
  • new salespeople who want to learn more and improve their careers in the process. 
  • people who want to change the narrative and want more diversity in the sales industry.
  • sales leaders who want some balance and proper representation in their industries. 
  • those who want to empower people of color in getting into sales and appreciate what sales is about. 
  • those who want to help change the stigma in sales and build awareness that sales is an opportunity, a career that many people of color should consider. 
  • those who want to learn more about sales and earn more. 
  • Sales leaders who want to inspire others to grow in their careers. 
  •  Salespeople who want to help the underrepresented groups be motivated and discover their capabilities. 

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