ReD 010: Lessons in the Garden of Gethsemane – Part 2

Mary Beth Rosebrough

Christ’s time in the Garden of Gethsemane shows us what he did when he was at his most vulnerable. In today’s episode of RediscovHER, Mary Beth continues her explanation of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and what lessons we can take from that story.

Jesus in his time of need:

  • As our savior was kneeling and praying in the garden, he prepared to do the most challenging thing we believe he had to do.
  • In that time of need, he asked for help and companionship from his friends. When we have troubles, we need to do the same: ask our friends to accompany us and be unafraid of expressing vulnerability.
  • Even in this god-like activity that we’ll never be able to comprehend, Christ invited his earth friends to be with him and support him.
  • We’re taught to be independent and lean on ourselves for support. But Jesus showed us another example, one where we should ask for help and companionship.

Jesus processed all his feelings

  • When Jesus was in the garden, he felt all of his feelings. What does Mary Beth mean by that?
  • Christ asked our father if he could have a reprieve from what he was about to do – he wanted to be rid of his burden. 
  • We know that if a burden becomes too heavy, feelings become too strong, pushing those feelings away.
  • The root of addiction is unresolved grief. When you bury your feelings, it becomes grief that you never have the opportunity to deal with. 
  • Feelings Buried Alive Never Die is a book that Mary Beth recommends to help you process your emotions.
  • This doesn’t mean to be dramatic or self-absorbed in your own feelings. But, when you feel sad, go ahead and cry. Let your feelings release. Don’t have anxiety about emotion because that only makes the feeling worse.
  • Like Jesus took the burden of our sins, you take the burden of your emotions. Don’t just pick and choose because that won’t give you the complete healing you’re looking for.

An example of when Mary Beth dealt with her emotions:

  • Mary Beth had to sell the house where she raised her kids, and she was heartbroken.  
  • What did she do? Mary Beth let herself cry. As she walked through the house for the final time, she cried the entire time. And she had never let herself do that before.
  • Once she finished crying, she was done. She no longer felt sad because processing her emotions cleansed her.
  • We’re used to putting on a brave face anytime we feel anything. But permitting ourselves to process our emotions is what allows for healing.

The takeaway from today? When you’re in need, gather your friends around you, feel your feelings, and support others as they move through the human experience. 

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