ReD 014: Who you really are

Mary Beth Rosebrough

In today’s episode of RediscovHer, Mary Beth shares a short story that changed her perspective on her relationship with Jesus. We’re often told he is our brother, but have you ever thought about it the other way around?

The story that changed Mary Beth’s perspective:

  • Mary Beth found this story in her church magazine, and the story is titled “The Visitor.”
  • In the story, an 18-year-old man was assigned to teach young children a church lesson, and the young man had a friend who had fallen away from the church.
  • The young man invited his friend to the lesson, and the man agreed.
  • The friend had long hair, a mustache and resembled the image of Jesus we think of today.
  • Throughout the lesson, the young man noticed that the kids were quieter than usual. Eventually, one little kid walked up to the man and asked if he was Jesus.
  • Unsure how to answer, the man turned to the young man. The young man simply said, “No. This is his brother.”
  • The little kid put his arm around the man and said, “I can tell.”

Mary Beth’s takeaways from The Visitor:

  • Every time Mary Beth reads this story, she tears up. 
  • She grew up hearing that Jesus was her older brother but had never considered the viewpoint that she’s his sister. 
  • Calling Jesus your older brother still has a sense of distance with it. It isn’t as tangible of thought, especially since Mary Beth never had an older sibling.
  • But when she thinks about herself as his sister, it gives her an identity. She knows who she is. She knows what that relationship is like and what she needs to do. 

Why does this change in perspective help?

  • In her religious classes, she was taught this. But sometimes, you need a fresh perspective for teachings to click, and that’s what this story did for Mary Beth.
  • If we’re all brothers and sisters to God, that means we have the divine qualities of love, empathy, and goodness within us too. 
  • We’re all born beautiful and clean because we come from heaven. We are sisters to our savior. Yes, he loves us. And if we’re his brothers and sisters, we must mean an awful lot to him.

If you ever struggle with negative feelings, remember that you have a family with Jesus. You can get in touch with host Mary Beth Rosebrough on Instagram @rediscov.her.


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