ReD 009: Lessons in the Garden of Gethsemane

Mary Beth, Garden of Gethsemane

When you’re trying to rediscover your life, there are often times you don’t want to do it alone. In today’s episode of RediscovHER, Mary Beth looks at Christ’s time in the Garden of Gethsemane as an example of asking for help and support when you need it. 

A Lesson in the Garden of Gethsemane.

  • Mary Beth was thinking about Jesus’s story in the Garden of Gethsemane – when he went through the most terrible time of his life.
  • She thought about the Savior praying in the garden and noticed he asked his friends to come with him when he suffered.
  • Jesus showed us to asks our friends to be with us when we need them.
  • Friends won’t always support you or give you the help you need, and that’s on them. We can’t control that. But Jesus’ example was to ask his friends to support him and be in his company.

Mary Beth works to express her true feelings. 

  • Mary Beth wants to be more forgiving. When somebody sincerely apologizes for something they’ve done, it’s easy to forgive. But when they don’t even acknowledge what they’ve done, it’s much more difficult. 
  • Anger was her go-to emotion because that’s what she grew up doing. But anger is a secondary emotion that covers fear or hurt, and it makes everything worse.
  • She’s worked hard over the last ten years to change and has reached the point where she can state what she’s feeling but not in an angry way. 
  • However, she’s learned there’s another level even deeper: what you really feel.
  • That level is tricky to come to terms with, especially when it’s a complex emotion. 
  • As we talk about our feelings, people can relate to us, which draws us closer together. And so, even though it seems scary at first, that’s key to getting through difficult situations: to go through it with others.

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