ReD 008: The End of Online Dating Horror Stories: Mr. Perfect’s Goodbye

Mary Beth

In today’s episode of RediscovHER, Mary Beth concludes her current online dating saga with the finale of her time with Mr. Perfect. A quick takeaway? All that glitters is not gold.

Mr. Perfect: The Final Chapter 

  • The couple had planned a final break-up date. The main issue – what do you even wear to that?
  • But after an awkward date, they somehow ended up seeing each other three days in a row.
  • After that third day, however, Mary Beth didn’t get a good morning text. Instead, she got a breakup text that afternoon.
  • Mary Beth was mad after first seeing the text, but not because of the breakup. Rather, because she felt led on.
  • He might’ve checked all her boxes. But there was one box Mary Beth forgot to check: commitment.

A lost opportunity: 

  • Mary Beth had actually planned a couple of dates the weekend Mr. Perfect stayed because she was expecting a breakup. However, she canceled them to remain with Mr. Perfect.
  • When Mary Beth was canceling these dates, she knew she shouldn’t be doing it. But she didn’t listen to her inner voice telling her what’s right.
  • Mary Beth tried to reschedule one of the dates, but he was no longer interested.

Mary Beth’s dating takeaways:

  • Mary Beth used to put up with bad behavior, but she won’t anymore. Mr. Perfect leaving did her a favor and saved her from wasting time and ending up with the wrong person.
  • The lesson here – look beyond the obvious and superficial and look at someone’s heart and intentions.
  • The moral of this story? All that glitters is not gold.

As Mary Beth says goodbye to Mr. Perfect, she wishes him well. She thinks more about the Savior and how He understands everything she goes through and is thankful he has given her wonderful friends who support her through her experiences. 

The RediscovHER podcast will take a short, one-week break. Tune in to our next episode on June 4th to learn Mary Beth’s takeaways from the Garden of Gethsemane and more information about online dating.

You can get in touch with host Mary Beth Rosebrough on Instagram @rediscov.her.


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