ReD 005: Online Dating Horror Stories – Part 2

MaryBeth, Online Dating Horror Stories

On today’s episode of RediscovHER, Mary Beth continues her relationship horror stories with a brief look into three more chapters of her online dating life. Not only does she share what makes these relationships go south, but (more importantly) what she learned from the experience and how she’s better as a result.

Man #2: ‘Twas the night before Easter….

  • Mary Beth matched with a man the Saturday before Easter. He called her right away, and they had an excellent four-hour-long conversation.
  • They made a date for April 12 after briefly discussing meeting Sunday night (but ultimately deciding it probably wouldn’t work.)
  • Late Sunday afternoon, he began to persistently text her, asking when he could see her that day.
  • Despite stating she wasn’t going to be available, Mary Beth said he could come. He never responded.
  • Monday evening, he responded, “I’m working. This isn’t going to work. Have a nice evening.”
  • The takeaway? Sometimes guys are just up for a one-night stand. And does Mary Beth really want to be in a relationship with someone who gets their feelings hurt after one late response? Probably not.

Man #3: Over-opinionated man unsurprisingly doesn’t lead to an ideal date. 

  • She matched with a guy she’d matched with previously, and they had a nice call for an hour and a half.
  • He was very opinionated and told her, “women are cutthroat.” (What a charming man.)
  • After their call, she invited him to the park next week for a walk, and he responded, “he’ll think about it.”
  • She asked him why, and his response? “You’re creating drama.” Mary Beth blocked him right then and there.

Man #4: Sometimes men just toy with you.

  • Mary Beth matched with another man she thought she had seen before, and they had a fun and flirty conversation.
  • They had scheduled a date for the upcoming Wednesday, and she said she was available in the afternoon.
  • Mary Beth asked what he wanted to do. He never responded.
  • The takeaway? Men sometimes need their ego stroked and want to see how far they can get with someone.

What did Mary Beth learn from these experiences? A man texting and calling you isn’t always a good sign. Sometimes, he’s just bored. And ultimately, Mary Beth wants everyone to remember that you need to be treated with respect, even if it’s over a dating app. 
Do these stories speak to you? You can get in touch with host Mary Beth Rosebrough on Instagram.

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