ReD 004: Online Dating Horror Stories – “Mr. Perfect”

Mary Beth, Online Dating, Mr. Perfect

In today’s episode of rediscovHER, Mary Beth kicks off her series sharing her eventful relationships with men from the internet. Today’s episode covers her time with a man who ended up being too good to be true, Mr. Perfect.

  • Despite the name Mr. Perfect, he didn’t have a strong start. It took him several months to make a first date with her, claiming he had to leave for summer. Let’s call that red flag #1.
  • He got in contact with her in November. They scheduled a date for the following Monday, and it went well. When scheduling the second, however, he was available for only one hour Friday morning for breakfast. AKA red flag #2.

How many red flags can there be?

  • Flag #3 – He made a bad impression on their breakfast date. Afterward, he said he was going to Orlando for work and wouldn’t see her anytime soon.
  • Flag #4 – His doctor told him to limit socializing because of COVID, which is understandable. However, he only limited time with Mary Beth.
  • Flag #5 –  He returned from Orlando in early December but didn’t have any free time to see her until January 5.
  • Flag #6 – Aside from a “Merry Christmas,” she didn’t hear from him that entire month.

Mary Beth breaks it off:

  • Mary Beth blocked the guy after he was a no-show to their date in early February.
  • Inspired by this event, Mary went through her contact list and deleted men who would just pop in and out of her life.

This red-flag relationship is rekindled.

  • Mr. Perfect tried to call her after she blocked him, and Mary thought that showed effort. 
  • She reached out, and he apologized, admitting he gave her reason not to trust him. She forgave him, and they scheduled a date for Friday evening.
  • The morning of, he called and canceled, claiming he had to see his sister in Orlando.
  • Mary wasn’t surprised. On Saturday, she asked him if he wanted to go out, knowing he was free from their previous talk. He said no because he wanted time to self-reflect.
  • That was the final straw, and she blocked him once and for all.
  • She looked him up again online and found he is married. She sent him a screenshot of his picture with his wife, and he tried to contact Mary Beth to defend his honor. 

What are her takeaways from this experience?

  • Not everything people tell you is the truth. She wasn’t online dating for a while and was off her game.
  • Don’t take it personally when men from the internet burn you. That’s just the way it is.

You can get in touch with host Mary Beth Rosebrough on Instagram.

MUSIC CREDIT: Andrew Rosebrough

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