ReD 003: Remembering Who You Were

Remembering who you are

On today’s episode of rediscovHER, Mary Beth lets us know what she’s been up to in her efforts to rediscover herself. She’s found several techniques to determine why she gets out of bed every morning and how she uses them to reflect on her life experiences to get a fresh start

What Mary Beth is doing to rediscover herself:

  • She’s going through her baby book – Mary Beth is lucky her mom kept a detailed book of her life as a baby, even documenting her first ten pairs of shoes. Reading through the book makes her feel grounded in herself and aware of who she was as a child.
  • Mary Beth writes every morning. She found journaling three pages in a stream of consciousness style clears the clutter and anxiety out of her head.
  • She takes herself on dates. She usually doesn’t give herself the time to enjoy something she values. This is about changing that, whether it’s a museum visit or a stroll down the local beach.
  • Mary Beth is slowing down and has quiet time to hear her inner voice reflect on what truly makes her happy.
  • She’s listening to the people around her. Not people who tell her what to do, but those who answer questions she didn’t realize she had. 

Mary Beth’s resources for rediscovery:

  • The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron gives techniques to rediscover your inner creative spirit. (This is where she got the inspiration for journaling and self-dating)
  • Loving What Is by Byron Katie. You can also check Byron’s work on her website,  
  • Katie’s method is similar to cognitive therapy and helps to get over grudges or anger towards someone. Mary Beth recommends the Judge Your Neighbor worksheet, downloadable on the site.
  • Mary Beth’s ultimate takeaway? There’s power in being single. It has given her the time and opportunity to focus on herself and decide what she truly values in life.

You can get in touch with host Mary Beth Rosebrough on Instagram.
MUSIC CREDIT: Andrew Rosebrough

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