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What are some of the things in your life that have caused you to become a Lost Girl? In this episode, Mary Beth Rosebrough, host of RediscovHer, shares what led her to redirect her life so she could find herself again. 

When she and her husband first set out in their married life, through her first 4 children, they didn’t have a lot of money but enjoyed decorating on a budget.  By the time Mary Beth was 31 she had 4 children and 13 years later, she had her fifth. With her children in sports, art shows, and music they had a busy life, and outside activities were a focus as they grew. She learned how to keep the house and schedules organized to keep everything running smoothly. 

As the kids grew, the income grew and they were able to move into a larger house. When she tried to decorate her new home, she found the creativity she had enjoyed in their earlier years had greatly diminished.  Because of all the activities, she had structured her life around theirs and their interests had become hers.

As she considered what was important to her kids, she found herself being interested in activities that she wouldn’t have chosen for herself.  Her interests changed to go along with the interests of the family. It wasn’t a bad thing but she did end up setting herself aside during those years. Focusing on the family’s emotional health, spending time with family, and keeping everybody on track is worthwhile but this is how we can lose ourselves. 

Finding yourself

When you’re young and have so many needs in the family, it can be hard to have the childlike enthusiasm as life brings its trials and issues. When she became single and the kids had all moved out, people encouraged her to find and do the things she loved.  In those moments she had to acknowledge she no longer knew what those were.

For many people who find themselves in similar circumstances, it can be hard to even remember anymore and this is normal! With Mary Beth taking care of kids and later in their marriage, taking care of her sick spouse and all that entailed, it was hard to see where she started anymore and it was very isolating. 

Even after everything Mary Beth has gone through, however, she’s still convinced you can get your enthusiasm back. She knows the young woman in you never goes away, you just have to find her again. 

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