ReD 000: Why this show?

Mary Beth Rosebrough, life after 50, rediscovering yourself

Why this show? RediscovHer is for the listener who is looking for a fresh start, even later in life.  Mary Beth Rosebrough, your host, has been through a lot in her own life. 

In 2012, her husband had a severe stroke and it would change their lives forever.  The stroke made him a different person to the extent he was no longer able to run the company he began in 1989. From 2012 to 2019, when her husband passed away, the family would experience one traumatic incident after another.

Not only was Mary Beth caring for a sick husband trying to comfort her children in their distress, but two of her children also ended up with brain issues that put them in the ICU. This all culminated in personal and business bankruptcy that caused the family to have to sell their home.

Mary Beth has learned many lessons along the way and is looking forward to sharing her knowledge through RediscovHER.

In the podcast, Mary Beth’s goal is to connect with women who want to discuss their lives and are also trying to navigate new chapters that are created from sudden events that make a lasting impact.   

Future conversations

Some questions that Mary Beth will answer in future episodes include: 

  • I’ve been surrounded by people all my life. How do I live alone now?
  • How do I deal with empty nest syndrome?
  • Is it too late to go back to school?
  • Online dating:  What’s it like?
  • Is it too late to have my dream job?
  • How to decipher what men mean when you meet them virtually. 
  • How do I remember who I was?

Mary Beth doesn’t claim to have all the answers but she has learned a few things in her years of experience. Through RediscovHER she hopes to help women avoid duplicating her steep learning curve.

“Why This Show?” episode resources

You can get in touch with host, Mary Beth Rosebrough, on Instagram  @rediscov.her

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