INT 103: How Best To Balance Your Time As A Leader in a Volunteer Organization

On today’s episode of IntHERrupt, our host, Linda Yates, talks with marketing expert, Cynthia Beckles, about how to balance your time as a leader in a volunteer organization. 

Why is volunteering important? 

  • Cynthia has found volunteering as a healthy outlet away from her job to find fulfillment and make a real difference. 
  • She has learned how to inspire a shared vision and treat everyone involved with respect. 

How can you motivate volunteers that aren’t measuring up?

  • Take the time to meet with them, without singling them out, and find out if their current position isn’t a good fit. Move them to a different position that will help them to find their ‘why’. 
  • Cynthia still remembers the advice of a mentor from 21 years ago, a good mentor can motivate someone to stay and grow. 

How do you manage your job, life, and volunteer work?

  • Cynthia finds common ground within the different aspects of her life and is able to compartmentalize them.
  • Have a plan and do an evaluation afterward. 

What does Cynthia wish she’d known?

  • Make sure that everyone knows what is going on and make sure that people realize this is not their job, it’s a volunteer effort. 
  • The minute volunteering feels like a job, that’s when you start losing people. Acknowledge your volunteers and give them special recognition. 
  • Make sure the volunteers are getting what they need. 

Has Cynthia been interrupted?

  • The pandemic interrupted Cynthia’s life and forced her to learn more about digital marketing. 
  • Cynthia views interruptions as an opportunity to learn new skills and make new connections. 

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