INT 099: How To Overcome Perfectionism – Simple Ways To Let Go and Find Freedom

On today’s episode of IntHERrupt Linda talks with Sindy Warren about overcoming perfectionism and how to let go and find freedom. Sindy is a lawyer turned life and business coach. She empowers women to become leaders in their own lives, both personally and professionally. In addition, she is an expert in helping women start and grow side hustles so they can experience the freedom that comes from being their own boss.

What is perfectionism?

  • Perfectionism is the illusion that if you do things well enough, then you will be good enough. It’s a thought error that makes us believe if we could only be better in some way then we would be a more valuable person. 
  • It comes from disbelief in our own values. 

How does perfectionism get in people’s way? 

  • It results in procrastination. When individuals believe something is not good enough or perfect enough they avoid moving forward. 
  • For Sindy, it creates internal stress and is overwhelming. 
  • Sometimes perfectionism can positively serve up until a point, but ultimately it won’t serve you.

Why do we associate perfectionism with not being good enough?

  • For many of us, it was how we were raised. We also see in current marketing trends companies that advertise you’ll be happy when blank happens. 
  • Sindy tells many of her clients that “Done is better than perfect”. 

How can you overcome perfectionism?

  • Recognize it and then ask yourself if your perfectionist tendencies are positively serving you. 
  • Start to question your perfectionist thoughts and realize that you are worthy and valuable the way you are, failures included.

Is failure bad?

  • Failure is not bad but feels bad at the moment. Failure is inevitable. 
  • Success without failure doesn’t exist. 

What would Sindy say to those aspiring for leadership? 

  • It begins in your mind. 
  • Write out your strengths and make the case that you should be awarded this leadership role. 
  • Sindy has noticed that when her clients see their strengths written out, they believe it and their confidence increases. 

What happens if you get rejected? 

  • Rejection is really hard to deal with, but similar to failure, it is inevitable. 
  • Sindy suggests that you hold a safe space for yourself to sit in the feeling of rejection. Then go back and discern why this happened and what to do about it. 

How does Sindy let go? 

  • She sits with her rejection and failure and allows herself time to process it. 
  • Zoom the camera lens out and remember what is really important and why. Sometimes the things that really hurt in the moment, at the end of the day, don’t matter that much. 
  • Practice thought-work. What do we believe to be true about ourselves? Practice believing positive things about yourself.

How has Sindy found freedom in letting go?

  • When she stepped off the path of traditional law firm life, she found freedom in creating her own path and defining for herself what success would look like. 

Has Sindy been interrupted? 

  • Sindy recently made the decision to leave her stable job and go all-in on creating a coaching business.
  • It was a less secure option, but it is her passion and she is happy with the decision she made. 

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