INT 091: Accepting Praise Gracefully

Why can it be hard for people to accept praise and be proud of our work? In today’s episode of IntHerrupt, Linda shares her thoughts on how women, and really anyone, can accept praise with grace and poise.

Mitigating compliments from those around you is a common mistake.

  • In Linda’s past career, she distanced herself from compliments her coworkers, friends, and listeners shared. 
  • However, she learned you need to be proud of your work and accept the acknowledgment you deserve.
  • Be mindful of your critical mentality because it can prevent you from being proud of your work. 

Do you find it easy to accept praise, or do you struggle?

  • Perhaps you have difficulty believing what others say and project that lack of confidence onto others.
  • Give yourself space to acknowledge yourself, your work, and the effort you’ve put into your life.
  • If you were taught to minimalize your thoughts as a child, you need an interruption in thinking; you have the power to impact your life, inspire others, and reach your goals.
  • Track how you feel after listening to the people and media around you. Which ones fill you with inspiration, hope, and power? Conversely, which ones cause anxiety and angst? 

Being thankful for yourself and your life is an increasingly difficult task, but remember to reward and congratulate yourself for the work, dedication, and passion you bring to your work and relationships.  
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