INT 090: Leading Out in a Family Crisis

Crises are a part of life, and everyone experiences them at some point. After coming out of a global pandemic, everyone is a little more familiar with crises, but not everyone knows how to deal with them when they come up. In today’s episode of IntHerrupt, Linda is joined by Katie Gurney to discuss how we can best prepare ourselves and loved ones for crises and manage them when they arise.

The number one action step to take to prepare for a crisis? Know that one will inevitably come. 

  • Choose your directives. Coordinate a power of attorney for both your healthcare and financial needs.
  • If you are in an accident and cannot speak for yourself, giving someone power of attorney will allow them to advocate on your behalf. 
  • Pay attention to your resilience. Especially if your partner is the type to get legal and financial things done for both of you, be reasonably aware of those situations, so you aren’t confused and scrambling during an already traumatic time.

Being empathetic to teammates going through a crisis:

  • Recognize that people grieve differently. Follow their lead, because some people need the normalcy of their work as a space from grief.
  • Don’t ask someone how they’re doing – when they want to talk about it, they will. Instead, acknowledge their loss and tell them something encouraging and meaningful. Directly ask if they wish to speak and respect the boundary they set.
  • Instead of asking a widow or widower what they need, pick certain things you’re able to do and ask if they’d like you to do them.

Four tips to prepare for losing a loved one:

  • Legally, get your directives. Put in place how you want to be handled and what to do with your property.
  • Financial, determine what kind of life you want your survivors to have through stock options, life insurance, and monetary assets.
  • Mentally, make sure your family knows how they support your spiritual needs. Let them know what to do to ensure you’re at peace when you pass.
  • Practically, coordinate the tasks you and your partner do so they can be appropriately handled if one of you were to die.

Moving on from a family crisis:

  • A great way to move forward is to find a support group. Find your people, especially others who can understand and know the feelings you’re experiencing. 
  • Ask a close friend to help coordinate and interact with others reaching out. It saves stress and a feeling of obligation to help others process their own emotions while you’re going through a difficult time.

Visit to download a free Emergency Documentation PDF to have everything handy in the event of a family crisis. Connect with Katie on LinkedIn or send a message through her website to get in touch.
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