INT 088: How to Collaborate with the C-Suite

Collaborating with the C-suite can be a challenging and frustrating task. So how can you handle those interactions in a positive and healthy way? In today’s episode of IntHerrupt, Linda is joined by the Founder of Schulz Business SELLutions, Greta Schulz, to learn to communicate, collaborate, and interact with C-suite executives (and really anyone in leadership.)

Let’s face it; the C-suite can be intimidating: 

  • Remember, they’re the same people we are. Yes, they’re intimidating, but (just like anyone else) they like to talk about themselves.
  • When dealing with decision-makers, know enough about them to interact positively and in a well-informed way.
  • Ask them questions, learn about them, and be willing to understand their insights about their position and company to show intelligence and empathy.

Overcoming fear and intimidation:

  • The more information you have, the better you’ll feel. 
  • Come prepared to a conversation, read everything you can, and give yourself time to find ‘neutral’ questions and comments that are insightful but not too personal. 
  • If you can use knowledge and research to ask good questions, the decision-maker will feel elevated and have greater respect for you.

Overcoming societal mannerisms:

  • When Greta meets other women, they sometimes put themselves at a disadvantage with mannerisms and body language.
  • Look people in the eyes, smile, and have a firm handshake. That’s perfectly acceptable for a woman to do.
  • Don’t ‘be male,’ but ensure you are seen as confident.

Asking for feedback from leadership:

  • If you’re unsure why someone was given a promotion over you, set up an appointment with the decision-maker to ask for feedback. 
  • Don’t work in a position expecting someone to give you a raise if you work hard. Be prepared to advocate for yourself and get what you deserve.
  • When asking for feedback, don’t focus on what you’ve done. Instead, focus on where you want to go and what you need to improve on to get there.

For more information and content from Greta, connect with her on LinkedIn or visit her website Greta is also launching a new podcast! Tune into Pivot, available on her website soon! 

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