INT 085: Leadership Strategies: The Power of Questions

As we kick off season seven of IntHerrupt, Linda uses the premiere episode to share her leadership strategies, insights, and tips for leaders to implement. Today’s topic focuses on the importance of asking powerful questions to ourselves and others.

Questions have power:

  • In many business settings, the person asking questions is the person considered confident. However, this is only when you listen to the answer.
  • When Linda was in a prior leadership position, part of her process was to meet within the firm and deeply understand everyone in their roles. In that position, Linda learned just how powerful questions could be.
  • Using different indexes and questionnaires is a great metric to gauge new understandings and new perspectives.

Don’t just ask questions; ask questions the right way:

  • Closed-ended questions have a definite, (typically) simple answer. (The only closed-ended question asked on this show is “have you ever been interrupted?”)
  • Asking closed-ended questions will not give you an extended dialogue. However, for a direct commitment, closed-ended questions can be helpful. 
  • Open-ended questions allow us to foster more profound insights and stronger relationships.
  • “What” and “how” are some of the most impactful questions you can ask.
  • Write your questions on paper (or your notes app) to keep them at the forefront of your mind. 

Determining the answer:

  • Give thoughtful questions thoughtful answers. If you need more time to think of a response to a given question, allow yourself to think first. 
  • Ask clarifying questions to refine your answer; you’ll come across as interested, competent, and thoughtful. 
  • This podcast is all about asking questions to women leaders. What is important to you? How can you achieve what’s important to you? 
  • By asking questions, processing answers, and hearing yourself say those answers out loud, you’ll be more focused on moving forward with your goals.

Today’s final takeaway? You’re ultimately in control of your actions, choices, and decisions. If there is something you want to change in your life, altering your reaction is critical to being the leader you’re capable of being.
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