INT 084: 10 Things I Learned About Leadership

Every leader has their own style and method of successful leadership. However, there are fundamental principles that any leader can improve upon for positive success. In today’s episode of IntHerrupt, Linda is joined by fitness and nutrition coach Natalie Oriol to discuss leadership and how anyone can improve their leadership skills.

What makes a good leader?

  • Communication is critical. Natalie notices that good leaders communicate with their leaders, employees, and stakeholders, whether in a personal or professional space.
  • Good leaders are passionate and share that passion with others.
  • They accept feedback and adjust their leadership to help their employees.

Every leader has to solve problems:

  • Communicating across the department and working with people throughout the organization
  • As a leader, ask your teammates what you can do to best support them to both build trust and create a better work environment for both parties.
  • Leadership is critical. They provide the guidance and support to help teams accomplish their objectives.

Three ways to step up your leadership skills:

  • Have open and honest communications, and combine them to be open and honest. That’ll lead to so many other great things.
  • Self-awareness. Know how you present yourself and how others view you.
  • Find your motivation, and emphasize that to get everything you need done.

To reach out to Natalie or see other great content, follow her on Instagram @natalie.oriol.

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