INT 081: Navigating A Crisis Like The Pandemic Rise

Experiencing an interruption can cause unfortunate situations and crises to arise, and dealing with those with confidence and understanding is a necessary part of leadership. Today on IntHerrupt, our host Linda is joined by Eliza Gomez, a seasoned professional at navigating crises as they come up with experience in government, private, non-profit, and higher education sectors.

Crises come up in all sorts of fashions.

  • As a leader, it’s essential we know how to identify and navigate them.
  • Growing up in South Florida, Eliza was familiar with storms, lightning, and hurricanes. Living in preparedness was simply everyday life. 
  • Eliza was a college literature major, so she took to journalism and public relations. She later transitioned to events management, corporate sales, and other communications special projects before joining local government. 
  • There, she worked in the health and human services, dealing with populations with special needs like the homeless, HIV+, and youth groups.

Handling her largest crisis:

  • Dealing with a terminal illness and the loss of life and family members, accessing services you don’t necessarily think or prepare for like Hospice.
  • When team members deal with death or personal crises, it impacts the entire team.

How can leaders prepare for these circumstances? 

  • Be sensitive and aware of what’s happening around you.
  • We bring our stressors with us to work, and other people are influenced by that environmental factor you introduce. 
  • Have open lines of communication (formal and informal) to make sure everyone is okay.
  • Reach out to people, and don’t assume you know how they’re feeling.
  • Have leadership reinforce topics of preparedness and personal responsibility.
  • The silver lining of the pandemic was the transformation of remote work. We can manage our time independently, which reduces costs and adds value through flexibility.
  • Be mindful and aware. Have the conversation sooner rather than later.

Helping others in crisis:

  • When someone is affected by a situation, they don’t perceive someone normally; it’s through a filter or lens. 
  • Communicate with them – check the baseline. What are the quickest steps to get them in a reframed mindset to process what’s happening?
  • As you identify those unmet needs, work with them and your leadership team to see what solutions are available.
  • Making an effort to help can go a long way to helping another person through a tough time.

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