INT 077: How to Inspire your Team to Perform Their Best

Inspiration, whether for yourself or the people around you, can be the key to unlocking the success you deserve. On today’s episode of IntHerrupt, Linda is joined by a certified coach and founder of the Mind Rebel™ Academy, Taryn Watts, to see how she brings out the best in her team to help them perform their best.

What is “performing at your best?”

  • It’s feeling connected with what you do and empowered to do what you do.
  • A part of us always knows the way forward – when we can connect to that, we’re operating at our best.

Overcoming a loss of passion:

  • Taryn came from a corporate job she wasn’t passionate about – and spent ten years there. But, once she left that job, she connected to her why.
  • Even though she’s created her coaching job, there are still moments she dips in motivation and inspiration, and that’s completely normal. 
  • Remain in view of your vision and anchor in your why to maintain your passions. 

Getting the best productivity out of those around you:

  • Taryn’s one-on-ones with team members aren’t always about strict directives; most of them are coaching meetings. 
  • Coaching isn’t always about professional development – it’s overcoming limiting beliefs, personal issues, and anything else that might come up in life.
  • When you coach others, you help them realize their best versions of themselves. 
  • The goal is to pull people into their zone of genius, which generates the most impactful type of inspiration. Because it isn’t coming from a feeling of need but a feeling of want.

Three tips to tap into your zone of genius:

  • Find the thing you or your team love to do. What could you do or talk about all day long?
  • If you’re struggling to find your way, ask your peers. Sometimes your zone of genius is so profoundly ingrained that you need the reflection of others to identify it.
  • Play around with different things. Then, as you develop yourself and those around you, you’ll work towards your goals more quickly.

To learn more about Taryn’s academy, visit and follow the Mind Rebel™ Academy on Instagram for more inspiring and educational content. Do you have stories to tell? Connect with Linda to share them. This podcast is produced by TSE Studios. Check out other podcasts by TSE Studios, including this episode’s sponsor, The Sales Evangelist, helping new and struggling sellers close more deals and achieve their sales goals. Subscribe to the IntHERrupt Podcast so you won’t miss a single show. Find us on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, and Stitcher. Audio created by Ryan Rasmussen Productions.

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