INT 075: Trends in Leadership Today

On today’s special 75th episode of IntHerrupt, our host Linda Yates shares some of the current leadership trends in the business world and how we can start implementing these practices into our work as we look to the future.

Collaboration is king:

  • A dictatorial leadership style is no longer effective. Positive workforce engagement is vital to the organization, the industry, and the world.
  • A Gallup poll showed employee engagement rose from 13% to 19% since the pandemic.
  • While a significant increase, it reveals there are still many barriers affecting engagement in the workplace, and leadership style is a vital contributor.
  • Clearly communicate expectations, desires, and objectives to help foster that mentality.

Prioritize and value your employees:

  • When you think of all the information we digest each day, do we sit and read everything? Never. We do a quick scroll for major points, and that behavior holds true for meetings.
  • Keeping meetings short prioritizes employees’ time and promotes a healthier work-life balance.
  • Many employees and teams face burnout; shorter calls that focus on what matters will help alleviate that feeling.

Develop your people to retain team members.

  • The Great Resignation is still happening, so focusing on making the workplace a good place to work will pay dividends later down the line.
  • Get to know and connect with your employees to build relationships. This is crucial, especially for fully remote teams that don’t see one another face-to-face.
  • See the value in your employees and what they’re capable of, and communicate that to them. 

Inclusivity in the workplace:

  • As a leader, strategic inclusivity campaigns and practices will be integral to organizational growth.
  • Remember, you are a part of inclusivity as well. So make sure inclusivity practices are there to benefit everyone, even yourself!
  • In making a healthier workplace environment, don’t be afraid to include laughter and positivity to make it a more mentally productive environment.

The final takeaway from today’s episode? Find the potential in life’s interruptions to become a better leader. You learn many lessons through overcoming obstacles, and using those experiences to fuel your leadership make you a more effective leader.

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