INT 074: Supporting Military Families

There are many types of leaders, yet one group that often goes unrecognized is our military families. Whether supporting their enlisted spouse or serving themselves, women in military families make sacrifices and withstand many obstacles to accomplish their goals. In today’s episode of IntHerrupt, Linda is joined by a former military spouse Tammy Hollis to discuss her experiences and how we can better support military families

Tammy married her high school sweetheart, and he served in the Air Force for 30 years.

  • When he first joined, the frequent moves made it a daunting experience. However, the support of the other military family members at the bases made it a better experience for Tammy. 
  • With her spouse gone, Tammy made sure to provide for her kids. She wanted them to feel the love and support they deserved, even if her husband wasn’t always available.

Managing the frequent moves:

  • Tammy’s kids typically didn’t mind the constant moving, especially when they were younger. However, as they grew older, it became more impactful.
  • In her son’s senior year, he wasn’t allowed to try out for sports teams because it was his senior year. Another time, they moved shortly after a different move because of her husband’s special assignment, which was difficult.
  • While challenging, her kids are adaptable and more resilient because of these moves. 

What makes a good leader?

  • A true leader makes decisions about a situation and hopes that it’s the right one. Then, they carry through with it and hold themselves accountable for the outcome. 
  • Tammy watched her husband be a great leader. She knew what she wanted to do to stay healthy, happy, and motivated when he wasn’t around.

What three tips would you give to anyone listening about how they can support military families or be a great leader?

  • Recognize there are sacrifices made by both the family and the person serving. 
  • Most families don’t expect grand gestures. But understand the base supports the local community’s industry and jobs.
  • Make the most of life?

Tammy’s experience with interruptions:

  • Interruptions should be a prerequisite for a military wife because new things happen constantly.
  • To overcome an interruption, get accustomed to having a Plan B (or several Plan Bs.)
  • If something is important enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen. Otherwise, you can let go and move on to prioritize the things you need.

Now that her husband is retired, Tammy joined a skincare company to keep her mind sharp and learn new skills. Visit her business page on Facebook or check out her Instagram account at @tammydhollis1.

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