INT 071: Avoid Stagnant Leadership: Be the Change that Leads to Change

Many people encounter the feeling of stagnation. So how can we push past those feelings and be the change that leads to change? On today’s episode of IntHerrupt, Linda is joined by the co-founder and CEO of Pav*r, Jessica Bledsoe, to discuss her thoughts on the issue. 

Any kind of leader can face stagnation.

  • Jessica has seen it play out in a few ways because we all get comfortable where we’re at. When we get comfortable, we might take our foot off the gas.
  • It can be for any length of time, but you’ll realize you’ve stopped progressing in your goals and future. 
  • To avoid stagnation, Jessica has three tips. Always be intentional with your actions, listen to the feedback you receive, and constantly evaluate your current activities.

Create time to be innovative:

  • Jessica, like many people, relies on her calendar. If you schedule your time, look at what takes up your time and determine if those activities are worthwhile. 
  • People, especially women, get in the habit of saying yes to things we probably shouldn’t (like filling our calendar with back-to-back meetings.)
  • Only say yes to the things in alignment with your vision for success.

How can stagnant leadership impact an organization?

  • If that’s the energy you bring to the table, it will trickle down to everyone else around you.
  • The more it continues to happen, the more difficult it gets to move forward.
  • Encourage yourself and others on the team to be excited about things happening in the organization.

Be the change that leads to change (even if you aren’t the “leader.”

  • Be confident and comfortable expressing your ideas. If you’re technically not the “leader,” understand how to best communicate your idea or suggestion to them.
  • Come with a plan of action (especially one backed with data) because it’s difficult to ignore that request or action.

Starting change to get out of your rut:

  • Evaluate where you’re at. If you feel stuck, what’s keeping you stuck (and can you change it?)
  • Break it down into the smallest chunks possible to make it more actionable.
  • Accept that you probably didn’t fall into the rut overnight, so it will probably take more than one night to get out.
  • The biggest time-wasters are the things we think don’t take a lot of time (that do.)
  • Consider checking your email throughout the day rather than keeping it constantly open. Establish specific time blocks when you’re available for meetings. Do what you need to to create a healthy and productive environment for yourself.

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