INT 068: The Importance of Teaching Tomorrow’s Leaders

The future of our society rests with the younger generation, and preparing them for that time is critical. But what measures can we take to raise the leaders of tomorrow? In today’s episode of IntHERrupt, Linda is joined by Tapestry Academy founder Candace Lehenbauer to discuss how she approaches education to educate kids on academics and prepare them to lead the future with confidence. 

Candace is the ultimate “edupreneur.”

  • First and foremost, a mom to six kids, she also found a way to mix education with entrepreneurship by creating a micro-school.
  • Micro-schools are small schools, anywhere from 5-150 students, focusing on project-based, student-led programming that allows students to give input into what they learn.

What opportunities do you see for the youth?

  • There are a ton of opportunities, especially for young girls.
  • As long as we support children and encourage them to build their interests and passions, we’ll see the results of that mentality.
  • Teaching leadership is a crucial feature for young children to learn. 

Kids today face different challenges than we did.

  • From a mom and teacher perspective, Candace sees many kids too dependent on technology.
  • Kids need an opportunity to think, use their imagination, and play dangerously. 
  • The challenge is allowing creative play without over restriction. When parents (or any adult) solve all their kids’ problems, they never learn how to deal with those interactions themselves.

Teaching tomorrow’s leaders:

  • Reinforce the importance of looking at others with love, respect and appreciation.
  • Building a relationship of trust with kids is the best way to convey meaningful lessons that they’ll be more likely to accept. 
  • Forcing kids to behave or think a certain way is not conducive to long-term success.

How you can build trust with the youth:

  • Bringing food is a simple and easy strategy. It might be cheesy, but it works.
  • If you need to have a difficult conversation with your child or teenager, don’t do it face-to-face. Instead, sit next to one another, share a snack, and just talk.

For those living in the Florida area, visit to find micro-school opportunities near you. Visit Tapestry Academy’s website at ​​

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