INT 063: Losing direction in your career and finding your way again

Every experiences stagnation at some point in their lives. What’s important, however, is to overcome that obstacle to live your best life. In today’s episode of IntHerrupt, Linda is joined by the VP of Partnerships and Alliances at Rivery, Kyra Purvis, to discuss her path of losing and eventually finding her way in her life again.

Kyra has always been an ambitious person.

  • As a collegiate soccer player, she used her energy from sports to forge a strong career path worked at startup companies in the tech space.
  • While she has worked primarily in sales the majority of her career, she’s dabbled in product marketing and managing partners as well.

When did Kyra lose direction?

  • While the feeling ebbs and flows, losing direction starts with either a sudden change or a lack of change. For Kyra, that was the birth of her second child because it was difficult to juggle her ambition with parental responsibilities.
  • She had to decide if she wanted to pursue her career at full speed or if she needed to reprioritize.
  • She ultimately took a step back in her career and found a new job which allowed her to scale back responsibility while staying closer to home.
  • The problem? She didn’t feel like herself. She lost the ability to set goals and determine what she wanted in life. 

Covid encouraged Kyra to pick up an old habit.

  • Running allowed her to reflect and find peace in her head – something she hadn’t had for a while.
  • She realized she hadn’t been performing her best in anything; she wanted to be a better wife, mom, and employee.
  • She started taking bolder steps to change her trajectory. You find every excuse not to do it, but she pushed past them.

How can you avoid feeling lost in life?

  • There’s never a clear answer because everyone’s situation is different.
  • For Kyra, creating moments for internal reflection and unplugging, like exercise or meditation, gives her the space to check in with herself and have that real conversation.
  • Once you realize you’re lost or unhappy, talk to those around you. For Kyra, that meant having a conversation with her husband.
  • Make sure your surroundings, like kids, family, or work, understand and support what’s happening. 

By setting goals again, Kyra was able to run her first marathon and be more present in the lives of those she cares about. In addition, setting goals for herself encouraged her family to be more active and ultimately made Kyra feel reconnected in life again. 
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