INT 062: Find Passion in the 2nd Act

Finding passion in life is difficult enough, let alone a second (or third) time. So how can we find that passion later in life? On today’s episode of IntHerrupt, Linda discusses the secret to finding passion in the second act with Shauna Hostetler, who has continued to find that passion in several chapters of her life.

Shauna has had multiple careers and experiences in life that invoked passion:

  • Her five children led to her getting highly involved in community and church projects.
  • She also had a ten-year journey to obtain her real estate license, started real estate investing, and even ran for political office at one point!

Shauna’s political journey:

  • She had supporters and a platform; she knew she could make a difference
  • The campaign was heated and led to division within her community – people were forced to pick one side or the other.
  • At the end of the passionate back-and-forth, Shauna won. However, the contention along the way made her unhappy. She knew she would be spending more time mending fences rather than helping her community.
  • The Monday after the election, she had to go into the county office for a recount. At the end of the recount, she lost. And she was relieved. She congratulated her opponent and was excited not to be involved.
  • She learned a lot and met many people. But, most importantly, she realized she didn’t have to hold a political office to make an impact.

How does Shauna find passion in different seasons of life?

  • She finds passion in making a positive impact on others, whether that’s creating a fundraiser, collecting holiday gifts for those who need them, or finding ways to meet needs in the community.
  • A second act isn’t necessarily the final act. There can be a third, fourth, or fifth. Don’t feel obligated to tie yourself down in a path for the rest of your life. You can change.

How can someone overcome the feelings of “is this all there is”?

  • She encourages people to find new experiences and opportunities in life to prevent stagnation.
  • Listen to different podcasts, read different books, and meet new people. Those will inspire you to turn left instead of right the next time you face a fork in the road.
  • Shauna embraces a focus on depth. Use your time to go one inch wide but one-mile deep. Rather than slightly focus on many things, focus on the one thing you want to focus on. 

How has she found fulfillment at different points in life?

  • Sometimes life is just mundane; not everything is fulfilling. We have to accept that.
  • However, she finds fulfillment whenever she’s making a difference for other people. 
  • Currently, she finds it very fulfilling to help people in their real estate work, walking and comforting people through a substantial financial investment.

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