INT 006: How to Balance Good Health and Career

Le Bergin, Linda Yates, Balance

Le Bergin is the head trainer for FASTer Way to Fat Loss who started out as a high school teacher before she pursued this journey of helping others with their health goals. In today’s episode, Le sheds light on her journey to personal growth and how it’s connected to fitness, and she shares how to balance good health and career.

Good health impacts productivity

  • Productivity is present in almost all aspects of human life – in marriage, in parenting, in vocation, and many others. 
  • True growth lies in making each day better than the one before. 
  • Everyone has a different way of defining growth. Some are motivated by money while some are motivated by the quality of life. 
  • Balancing your career and health can be challenging but if you make it your lifestyle, getting healthy becomes an extension of you. 
  • Prioritizing yourself doesn’t mean it’s at the expense of someone else. You need to ensure that your decision to have good health is your own responsibility. 
  • Le may have had a rocky start but with the help of her current husband, they’ve been able to build a second gym. Le learned to channel her pain through lifting weights. 
  • Making good food choices makes a difference. It’s important to move toward eating clean and getting away from processed foods. As the energy level changes by what you consume, so does mood and concentration. With good nutrition, energy gets better and the quality of sleep improves. As a result, creativity improves.
  • Le Bergin thrives in overcoming interruptions. For her, it’s about resiliency, and believing that every day is a gift. The more grateful you are, the less these interruptions bother you. 
  • Three tips for success: Life is short, break stuff. Trust your gut. Remember your purpose. 

“How to Balance Good Health and Career” episode resources

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