INT 057: What Every Woman Should Know About Her Personal Brand

In today’s episode, we’re pulling a fan-favorite episode from the IntHerrupt archives with Kanika Tolver. In this special rerun episode, Linda discusses what every woman should know about personal branding. She’s joined by career coach (and founder of Career Rehab) Kanika Tolver. As a career coach practicing in Washington DC, she focuses on helping people transform their careers. 

Your personal brand depends on leadership.

  • Leading a technology team with career coaching clients helps Kanika become an active listener. 
  • It also helps her hone her skill to understand what people need to further their career goals. 
  • Leadership means having the skills to help, support, and encourage people in their professional pursuits.
  • For Kanika, personal branding is not about being heard, putting her brand out there, or even becoming successful; it’s helping others find success. 
  • Being an active listener helps equip others with the information they need to succeed. 

Ways to step up your personal brand:

  • Understand your why. Journaling is helpful when mapping your why. Figure out what you want to do and write down those goals, and then align those goals into actionable steps.
  • With this, you can lay down the foundation for your brand. This includes revamping your resume, redoing your LinkedIn profile, and re-evaluating your website.
  • Next, figure out your target audience and create a strategy to identify who and where they are and how you will connect with them. 
  • Lean into your passions and strengths to connect with the most applicable audience.

Rise against the challenges

  • If you’ve hurt your brand, be honest and genuine with your apology. 
  • We can turn our anxieties into accomplishments when we start voting for ourselves. 
  • You need to set up a team of people who can help you win. 
  • Kanika’s book was a fruit of her choice of putting herself first. Her previous career wasn’t making her happy, so she started her private practice. 

“What Every Woman Should Know About Her Personal Brand” episode resources

Connect with Kanika Tover on LinkedIn. You can also check out her book Career Rehab: Rebuild Your Personal Brand and Rethink The Way You Work here. 

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