INT 047: How to recharge during the holidays

Linda Yates

We’ve all experienced the stress that typically comes with a holiday. It may even get to the point where you want a holiday from the holiday! As business professionals, finding the time to recharge and refresh is integral, especially as we approach the holiday season. Today’s guest, Shanna Missett, president of Jazzercise Incorporated, explains what she does to recharge during the holidays.

The holiday season is stressful.

  • As a business professional and working mother, Shanna feels the stress that accompanies the holiday season. At times it feels like a job in of itself!
  • Women are typically in charge of decorating, purchasing gifts, wrapping, and many other holiday tasks.
  • Shanna used to go all-out with decorating, but she realized she doesn’t have to put that burden on herself. 

Let go of burdens you put on yourself.

  • Think about the future. Will it matter two weeks from now if you don’t do a certain thing?
  • If it doesn’t significantly impact her life, that helps Shanna shift her focus and think about her end goal.
  • Because of her shifted focus, Shanna has since given herself more breathing room during the holiday season. For example, she no longer feels like it is an absolute necessity to get a gift to someone before Christmas. 
  • Shanna prioritizes which things she wants to get done and which things she might not have time for. That way, she’s able to complete what she wants. 

What can people do to move forward in life while also giving time to breathe and recharge?

  • Readjust goals if a life event demands it. More importantly, accept potential feelings of disappointment that come with changing a goal.
  • Realign yourself, process emotions, and handle any external events that might have an impact. Then, embrace that new goal.

Taking vacations allows Shanna to recharge. 

  • Because her daughters were both in competitive dance, she grew to love attending competitions. 
  • It was refreshing to focus on just her daughters and their performance rather than running an event or company. 
  • Being present in whatever you’re doing can be very recharging.

Being present in life can be very recharging.

  • Stop checking your phone or laptop. There’s no reason to check your email.
  • Realize that you don’t have to check those things, and also that you deserve that time to yourself away from obligation.

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