INT 031: What It Means to Trust Your Own Voice

Linda Yates, Michelle Balaun, trust your own voice

On today’s episode of the Int-HER-rupt podcast, we’re joined in the (virtual) studio by Michelle Balaun, founder, coach, and mentor at True Self Branding. As a dedicated and proven expert in helping business professionals find their brand, there’s no better topic to discuss than how to trust your own voice.

How has Michelle trusted her voice, despite her changes across industries and countries?

  • It started with the first time she said no to her father. She was 30 years old, and that marked the first time Michelle stood up for herself.
  • Trusting her voice meant overcoming the restrictions she faced in the 60s and 70s. 
  • Michelle has always been one to fight for the underdog and use her voice to support others. But she had to learn to apply that to herself in addition to others. 

How can you figure out what your voice is saying?

  • For those who are young and unsure of their voice, Michelle recommends meditating. Think about the issue you’re trying to solve because she genuinely believes you know the answer, even if it’s deep inside you.
  • Consider talking to older relatives or friends you trust for perspective; their age might give them the experience ad exposure to help.

Three tips to get back on track if you stop listening to yourself:

  • Don’t criticize yourself. Do what you can with the best intentions, and don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go the way you hope.
  • Stop, breathe, and meditate.
  • Once you’ve meditated, listen for your inner voice. And usually, the first thought you have about the situation is the right one.

How do you avoid comparing yourself to another person?

  • By remembering, everyone can win. The more we help each other, the better all our lives will be.
  • Not everyone has to like you. Understanding that and accepting it will help you be your most authentic self.

How can you lead other people to find their inner voice?

  • Appreciate other people’s points of view. Don’t make other people’s work the exact way you want it (unless you’re a brain surgeon.)
  • Lead through empowerment and support rather than being nit-picky over things that don’t matter in the long run.

Has Michelle ever been interrupted?

  • Yes, but she doesn’t mind being interrupted unless it’s a guy mansplaining because she also interrupts a lot (because she’s so passionate.)

To learn how you can revamp or discover your brand, visit Michelle’s company website or join her Facebook group DIY Branding for resources and guidance.

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