INT 030: Powerful Strategies for Leading a Remote Team

Linda Yates, Ericka Eller, Strategies for Leading a Remote Team

Today we’re joined by Ericka Eller, Head Trainer for Foot Traffic Formula, one of the most sought-after business coaching programs for small business owners. Ericka is the go-to for lead generation, social selling, sales strategy and conversion. As a veteran virtual worker for the past three years, Ericka has developed strategies for leading a remote team with confidence and success.

How do you step away from work when it’s remote? 

  • The boundary between work and personal life has become blurred, especially since the pandemic.
  • For Ericka, time management is a huge component to help that line stay intact.
  • She determines her top three priorities and revolves her calendar around those objectives.
  • Ericka’s advice: Schedule a specific amount of time to accomplish each task to give yourself a sense of urgency.

How do you grow social relationships remotely?

  • Ericka’s team has a 15-minute check-in each day to discuss what they’re doing that day and if they need help or support.
  • Her team uses Voxer (think professional virtual walkie-talkies) as a method of communication throughout the day.

What are her major challenges within a virtual team, and how does she combat these challenges? 

  • Remote work leads to text interactions as a primary communication method, which severely limits emotional understanding. 
  • Ericka incorporates video calls whenever possible so she and her team can read nonverbal cues.
  • She occasionally sends care packages to her team to remind them she’s a real person and cares about them.

Find time for productivity:

  • Find your most productive time of day or a time when you don’t have to worry about being scheduled for meetings and calls. 
  • Because most of her team is in a different time zone, she finds quiet time to work in peace later in the day when the rest of her team is winding down.
  • Once a month, block out an entire day. Use that day to plan out projects and set deadlines for the month ahead.

How do you address slacking team members?

  • Every single week she has a 1:1 check-in with each of her teammates. She finds out what they need, how they’re doing, and where they need help.
  • Make sure you have those check-ins. They aren’t micro-managemental, but they are supportive.

Has Ericka been interrupted?

  • Many things vie for your attention in a digital business, but social media can be a considerable interruption, especially when you use it for work and personal reasons.

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