INT 004: I’m not your Girl!

I'm not your girl
Linda Yates, IntHERrupt, Vidette Pires

Having a seat at the table

Organizations give women seats at the table. Oftentimes though, these are token seats. Even after being on a career path for years, it can be difficult to feel your position doesn’t command the same respect as colleagues in the same position.

Partner with the right people 

Having a seat at the table isn’t enough.  In that seat, you must be able to speak and be heard. Women need the support of the right people. Sometimes, you can speak, and shortly after, another person relays the same idea, but it’s received better. The way around this is to create a process. 

For Vidette, this includes knowing if there is a hidden agenda, changing the tone, and thinking about the stakeholders who have a say in the outcome. She reaches out to them one by one and partners with her managers to drive the agenda. 

Have courage

It is equally important to take risks and have the courage to walk away. When respect is no longer offered, regardless of gender, sometimes you have to know when to walk away with your dignity intact. This can look different depending on the need.  It may just mean getting up from a meeting to get some fresh air.  For deeper challenges, it may mean leaving an organization that doesn’t support you or acknowledges your contribution.  

Women as leaders

Technology has helped women understand everyone’s perspective and what they have at stake. It allows you to connect and bring people to the table so everyone has a place. Reading books about leaders, especially women as leaders, also helps. 

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