WHo are we?

TSE Studios is dedicated to producing amazing content. 

Whether you are new to sales, a seasoned professional seller, a marketer looking for unique ways to become more persuasive, or an entrepreneur dedicated to seeing your business grow, you can find content created just for you.

Based out of West Palm Beach, TSE Studios was founded by Donald C. Kelly in 2018 as part of The Sales Evangelist, LLC. TSE Studios shows are listened to in more than 155 countries.

Our Hosts

Donald C. Kelly

Founder of TSE Studios & Host of The Sales Evangelist & SOLD

Linda Yates

The Images Energizer &

Host of IntHERrupt Podcast

What Listeners Are Saying

“Donald – I’ve been listing to your podcast for ages, love it! Keep up doing you man, it’s awesome.”

Bryan Hendrick

“I LOVE your podcast! I was looking for some Sales podcasts a while back and searched “Sales” and it came right up. I’ve shared lots of them with my team. Keep up the great work! Such great info….Thanks Donald!”

Terrilyn Lawson

“Hi Donald, I listen to it every morning since it takes about 40 minutes by walk for me to reach the office and needless to say I find it super helpful”

John W Gahan

“I actually listened to one episode from another sales podcast and after listening to your first two episodes I removed the other sales podcast from my list. The main reasons I stuck with your show is because you come across as a loving and giving man. Someone who deeply wants to help improve others in a positive light. Your attitude is really positive, grateful and fun. The guests from your first 4 shows are in my opinion so diverse and seemingly champions in their own niche.”

Peter Reginald

“I was new to sales and found the podcast. I was blown away when Donald contacted me and we ended up chatting several times on the phone. I learned a lot and always came away inspired and upbeat. Thanks for making such a positive impact, and really setting an example for others to follow.”

Gennaro Cuofano